Teaser: Breaking the Build in Panopticode 0.2

In the last post we learned that Panopticode 0.2 will allow us to create arbitrary reports using a SPARQL SELECT query. Another feature in Panopticode 0.2 is to use a SPARQL ASK query to break the build.

An ASK query looks very similar to a SELECT but without any elements to return. If the query matches any data it returns true, otherwise it returns false.

Rewriting last post’s SELECT query as an ASK query would look like:

 PREFIX rdf: <http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#>
 PREFIX panopticode: <http://www.panopticode.org/ontologies/panopticode#>
 PREFIX java: <http://www.panopticode.org/ontologies/technology/java#>
 PREFIX emma: <http://www.panopticode.org/ontologies/supplement/emma/1#>
 PREFIX javancss: <http://www.panopticode.org/ontologies/supplement/javancss/1#>

   ?package         rdf:type                       java:Package           .
   ?package         panopticode:name               ?packageName           .
   ?package         java:hasFile                   ?file                  .
   ?file            panopticode:filePath           ?filePath              .
   ?file            java:hasType                   ?class                 .
   ?class           panopticode:name               ?className             .
   ?class           java:hasExecutableMember       ?method                .
   ?method          java:methodSignature           ?methodSignature       .
   ?method          emma:hasLineCoverage           ?lineCoverage          .
   ?method          javancss:cyclomaticComplexity  ?ccn                   .
   ?lineCoverage    emma:coveredPercent            ?lineCoveragePercent   .

   FILTER (?ccn > 1) .
   FILTER (?lineCoveragePercent <= 80.0)

Panopticode 0.2 will come with an Ant task that automatically breaks the build when an ASK query returns true.

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