Teaser: Creating Ad Hoc Reports in Panopticode 0.2

In Metrics Must be Interpreted In Context I described one of my preferences when creating rules around metrics. Namely, that one should not look at metrics independently, but within the context of other metrics. I described a rule that said unit test line coverage must be greater then 80% for all code with a cyclomatic complexity over 1. While you could enforce this rule in Panopticode 0.1 by creating a custom report, this is not ideal. Who wants to write Java code every time you make a new rule? This will get much easier in Panopticode 0.2.

Panopticode 0.2 has been re-architected to use RDF as it’s file format and internal data store. This enables you to write queries using SPARQL. Here is a query to find violators of the rule mentioned above:

 PREFIX rdf: <http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#>
 PREFIX panopticode: <http://www.panopticode.org/ontologies/panopticode#>
 PREFIX java: <http://www.panopticode.org/ontologies/technology/java#>
 PREFIX emma: <http://www.panopticode.org/ontologies/supplement/emma/1#>
 PREFIX javancss: <http://www.panopticode.org/ontologies/supplement/javancss/1#>

 SELECT ?packageName ?filePath ?className ?methodSignature ?ccn ?lineCoveragePercent
   ?package         rdf:type                       java:Package           .
   ?package         panopticode:name               ?packageName           .
   ?package         java:hasFile                   ?file                  .
   ?file            panopticode:filePath           ?filePath              .
   ?file            java:hasType                   ?class                 .
   ?class           panopticode:name               ?className             .
   ?class           java:hasExecutableMember       ?method                .
   ?method          java:methodSignature           ?methodSignature       .
   ?method          emma:hasLineCoverage           ?lineCoverage          .
   ?method          javancss:cyclomaticComplexity  ?ccn                   .
   ?lineCoverage    emma:coveredPercent            ?lineCoveragePercent   .

   FILTER (?ccn > 1) .
   FILTER (?lineCoveragePercent <= 80.0)
 ORDER BY DESC(?ccn) ?lineCoveragePercent ?packageName ?filePath ?className ?methodSignature
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